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  • Dates announced for the MATRAC school
    29.04.2015HZG, GermanyDates announced for the MATRAC school

    You can receive support to learn about Application of Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation in Engineering Materials Science on September 21-25 near Hamburg.

  • New video
    29.04.2015NBI, DenmarkNew video "ESS – the world’s most powerful neutron source for research"

    The film recounts the struggle and the long road to bring the ESS to Scandinavia and the great potential in the future research.

  • How to optimise multi-channel neutron focusing guides for extreme sample environments?
    27.04.2015NMI3How to optimise multi-channel neutron focusing guides for extreme sample environments?

    NMI3 collaboration works on simulations to find the best possible guide for experiments at low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

  • 16.04.2015From: ESS, SwedenBuilding the Heart of ESS in Spain
    Building the Heart of ESS in Spain

    Spain collaborates closely with the ESS. In November 2014, ESS-Bilbao was chosen as the in-kind partner for the ESS target system.

  • 27.04.2015From: MLZ, GermanyBaton change at the MLZ
    Baton change at the MLZ

    At the end of March, Prof. Dieter Richter of the Research Centre Jülich not only retires, but also passes his position as MLZ Director to Prof. Thomas Brückel.

  • 29.04.2015From: ILL, FranceDiscoveries that changed the world
    Discoveries that changed the world

    Watch a YouTube recording of a talk by Gerry Lander at the ILL telling the story of the discovery of the neutron in 1932, and then that of fission in 1939 through the lives of Chadwick and Meitner and world events.

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